First Source is a boutique mortgage lender, providing financing up to $15 million for projects in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas. Since 2007, First Source has been supporting mortgage brokers, real estate advisers, as well as builders and developers with innovative mortgage lending solutions. First Source is licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) as a mortgage broker and administrator.

  • Mortage Income

    Westboro Mortgage Investment Corporation (“Westboro MIC”) is a private lender providing residential and commercial mortgages to individuals and businesses in Ottawa & the Ottawa Valley, the Gatineau region and the Kingston & St. Lawrence Seaway area.

    With over $128 million under management in 582 mortgages (as of May 31, 2016), investors have benefited from an average annual return of 7.8% in the last 3 years and more recently with interest rates at all-time lows, a return in 2015 of 7.6% net of all fees.

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  • Venture Capital

    Kensington has been an active investor in venture capital since the launch of the firm in 1996, with strong links into Silicon Valley and across Canada. We are currently investing from the Kensington Venture Fund, which was launched in 2014 to invest in venture capital funds and make direct investments in emerging technology companies. Our focus is on information and communications technology, digital media, energy technology and clean tech in Canada and the United States. We manage a diversified portfolio that includes investments from early stage A-rounds through late stage growth equity.

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  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is a hot topic in today’s world. Politicians of all stripes and from every country are talking about infrastructure as a stimulus to a soft economy and as a job creator.
    Kensington sees infrastructure as a good investment with steady, inflation protected cash flow. Our growing population and economy continues to place new demands on power, transit and other key services. At the same time, much of our core North American infrastructure is over 50 years old and must be renovated or replaced. The cost of these new infrastructure projects runs to several trillion dollars over the next decade, all while Governments have record debt levels and very limited capacity for new spending. This adds up to an exciting opportunity for private investors.

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  • Hedge Funds

    Hedge funds, once the domain of the privileged few, are quickly becoming important investments to a wide variety of portfolios. They carry out a carefully defined investment strategy based on a specific investment thesis and are tailored to match strategy with an investor’s risk/reward appetites. What distinguishes the typical hedge fund from its standard mutual fund counterpart is the hedge fund’s ability to trade against the market through short sales (whether a single company or a market component). Some hedge funds may be based on public equity or bond markets while others will invest off of other financial instruments. In any case, the ability to be a long and a short investor in the same fund creates the building blocks for the development of highly targeted strategies.

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  • Private Equity

    Kensington is a leading Canadian private equity investor, founded in 1996. To date, Kensington has committed over $700 million to private equity investments through a succession of private equity programs. Institutional investors such as pension funds and professional asset managers, as well as high net-worth individual investors, hold Kensington private equity funds in their portfolios.

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Investors can invest in our diversified First Source Mortgage Fund that is offered to accredited investors or participate directly in First Source mortgages via syndication..



At First Source we rely on our Mortgage Broker & Agent Partners for mortgage origination. We value and respect your origination proposition and we protect your Interest in every file. .



Our Team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience in the mortgage industry and a deep knowledge of the GTA and Golden Horseshoe real estate markets.



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