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Working Together

Work together with our team at First Source
Preferred Partner

At First Source we rely on our Mortgage Broker & Agent Partners for mortgage origination. We value and respect your origination proposition and we protect your Interest in every file. After all, before becoming lenders we were brokers and have over 25 years of experience in mortgage origination.


First Source offers flexible lending options with a committed hands-on approach. Our experienced team of professionals work with borrowers to ensure the success of their projects. We are primarily an asset-based lender. We evaluate the strength of a loan based on the value of the real estate asset. Every loan can be created and customized to meet a borrower’s requirements. At First Source, you will deal directly with a decision-maker. We are ready to provide you with personal and expert advice with no obligation. Even if you are not ready to apply for a loan, but do have a few questions, please browse our web site and contact us. We understand the needs of non-bank borrowers and their requirements. We also understand the needs of builders and developers.

  • Speedy file review upon receipt of your submission

  • Quick assessment and quotation

  • Near immediate issuance of a term sheet upon receipt of information and assessment

  • Competitive pricing

  • Broker and/or agent fees written into every deal commencing at the Letter of Interest Stage

  • Assistance in setting borrower expectations

  • We work hard for you in order to find a way to make a deal

  • You deal directly with the decision makers

  • Attending borrower meetings

  • Commitments that match the terms of our Letter of Interest – “No Surprises”

It only takes one deal to see that we mean business. Make First Source your First Source For Private Funds. We invite you to become a Preferred Mortgage Broker or Agent Partner and to do business with us.

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